Hampton Beach Tourism

Successful vacations often depend upon sound research, thoughtful inquiry and careful planning.

Here are some things to consider in preparing for your Hampton Beach vacation.

New Hampshire has about 14 million visitors in the summer, with the majority of those people descending upon the 17-miles of coastline. Over 1.2 million people enter the state for the week that marks the Fourth of July. Tourists come primarily from New England, the Mid-Atlantic States and Canada.

The Hampton Beach Chamber of Commerce and local officials have put an emphasis on ensuring that Hampton Beach is family friendly, and they have dedicated much of their programming to what might be called “old-fashioned family fun.”
The various festivals and competitions, the Tow Truck Rodeo, Catamaran Regatta and daily concerts and weekly fireworks displays are all geared towards creating the right environment for adults with kids.

In planning your trip, consider what’s important to you. Do you absolutely want an ocean view hotel? Would you rather go camping rather than have a room, so that you can cook for yourself and your family? Or would having to cook ruin your vacation? How much beach time do you imagine spending as opposed to time shopping, sightseeing and exploring?

If you’ve never been to Hampton Beach, take some time to check out the various accommodations, including user reviews. The most expensive place does not always have the best service. If you don’t plan on venturing anywhere but Hampton Beach and the boardwalk, then you don’t need a car.
But not having one will make it difficult for you to access other beaches and investigate other parts of the seacoast.

If you are going to Hampton Beach in the months of June, July and August, you’re hitting it at peak in terms of price and volume of people. Although there’s not as much to do in September or October, both can be fine times to visit.