Bass Beach

"Rye Rocks"

Bass Beach

"Rye Rocks"

Bass Beach, 184-198 Ocean Blvd., Rye, NH

If you find a parking spot along Route 1A near Bass Beach, you are lucky indeed. There is no parking lot, so you’ll need to share the side of the road with surfers (more on that in a bit), sea glass hunters (the treasure is good here), and gazers (watching surf and those who dance upon it is fun.) As a reference, the beach straddles the Rye/North Hampton, NH town line.

The first thing you’ll notice here are two cottages that look like the original “tiny houses.” They are called Rye on the Rocks, which is also a variation of the nicknames for Bass Beach: Rye Rocks, Rye Rocks Point.

Bass Beach has been named of one the Six Top East Coast Surf Spots by Men’s Journal. And women like it too. But riding it takes talent. “High tide is generally a slow cutback fest, while either side of dead low transforms Rye into a ledgy, growling, hollow pit that demands skilled take-offs,” says the write up at

No facilities. No smoking. And don’t touch the seals.

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