Nearby Excursions & Day Trips

Take a Day Away From the Beach and Savor the Seacoast

Hampton Beach is great and the New Hampshire Seacoast is brimming with interesting places to go and things to see. Beautiful gardens, historic sites and fantastic events await you.

As you drive north along the ocean road, Route 1A, and enjoy the changing coastline, you’re entering an area that’s filled with a range of artistic and cultural offerings, recreational activities and natural sites and historic attractions. That’s one of the reasons that people keep coming back to Hampton Beach, because there’s so much more to do and enjoy than the beach.

Route 1A, Ocean Boulevard, is a trail through the natural beauty that defines the seacoast’s landscape. Wild beach roses, picturesque marshes and quite coves create a setting that is both breathtaking and contemplative.

From Seabrook to Portsmouth, there are numerous historic sites and educational stops that you and the family can enjoy. Local history from the pre-Revolutionary War period to the present, natural history and marine biology, and flowering horticultural beauty are part of the unique Seacoast experience.

Recreational activities abound and various celebrations, festivals and artistic events can be found in every town that comprises this area of New Hampshire. From May into September, there are various special events each week that attract thousands of visitors to the area.

Plus, there are those experiences and activities that are simply a part of the Seacoast’s everyday offerings, such as antiquing, outlet shopping, golfing, horseback riding and greyhound racing.

No matter what month, week or day that you vacation at Hampton Beach, there will be plenty of opportunities for day trips, outings and excursions that will lure you from your blanket or chair cradled in the wide, white sands of New Hampshire’s most popular beach.