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Jenness Beach

Jenness Beach, 2280 Ocean Blvd., Rye, NH

Part of what makes Jenness Beach special, is that fact that there are limited parking spaces, which keeps the population reasonable. It’s also extremely clean, and it’s right across the street from Summer Sessions Surf Shop (which is not just a surf shop, but has good food and a beach clothing section curated by owner Tyler and Ryan McGill’s mother, Christine, of Christine’s Crossing. Good taste runs in the family. If you need breakfast, get the Cable Bagel (chive cream cheese, avocado, hard boiled egg, and tabasco), if you need lunch, get a salad, and if you need dinner, clean up and head to the Carriage House, now under new ownership for the first time in 35 years. Hint: Make reservations, or jockey for position at the upstairs bar.

Jenness is also a great place to learn to surf. Tyler McGill says, in New Hampshire Magazine, “Where we teach at Jenness Beach, it is a flat sand-bottomed beach with no current, a perfect setup for teaching surf. So, in any of our beginner lessons, you will never be out over your head — not to mention, you are attached to big floaty board, which always helps.” It’s also got a bathhouse with showers and restrooms, for cleaning off that sand for your trip home.

The nitty-gritty: Jenness does have restrooms, and will soon have a redesigned bathhouse. (LINK:

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