Plaice Cove

"North Side Park"

Plaice Cove

"North Side Park"

Plaice Cove, 958 Ocean Blvd., Hampton, NH

If you’re not looking for it, you might miss Plaice Cove. And you wouldn’t want to do that. Also known as North Side Park (you’ll see the large wooden sign from the town of Hampton declaring it so), the quiet beach is located down Ancient Highway among very nice residential units.

You can spend hours exploring the rocky beach and tide pools, but be wary of taking a dip as the surf can be rough and you might take a tumble. Also: To get to Plaice Cover, you’ll either want to walk, run, bike or take an Uber–this town beach is resident parking only, and strictly observed.

Need-to-know: There are no bathrooms near Plaice Cove. Nor other amenities.

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