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From Fine Dining to Fast Food. Always Serving the Catch of the Day and Much More

Vacationers at Hampton Beach find an array of dining opportunities designed to provide the optimum food experience desired, whether it be inexpensive and fast, informal family fare or upscale dining.

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In the summer, the air along the boardwalk is permeated by the smells of barbecue, grilled meats and fried seafood. All of these are extremely enticing to visitors, who find they have to pace themselves or graciously accept the temporary weight-gain they feel after succumbing to the lure of these tempting odors.

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Jumpin Jack’s Cafe

333 Ocean Boulevard (Inside Hampton House Hotel) Hampton Beach, NH

Walking along Ocean Boulevard, the main thoroughfare at Hampton Beach, you’ll be able to snack on fresh fruit, fried dough, ice cream and many more quick offerings. If you want more than snack but don’t have the time, patience or energy to sit down for a full meal, fast food is readily available.

You’ll find that most restaurants are informal, with some specializing in Italian, Mexican, Asian or Indian cuisine. There are, of course, many seafood establishments offering some of the freshest catches of the day. Lobsters, clams, scallops and mussels are plentiful in this part of the country and are cooked to perfection. Shrimp, crab, cod and many other types of saltwater dwellers are also readily available.

There’s no one-way to enjoy seafood but certainly the deep-fried method is especially popular with visitors. But you won’t be limited to that method. You’ll find restaurants with menu selections that include simple baked or broiled versions and more exotic recipes that utilize the herbs, spices and cooking techniques from diverse cultures.

Bye the way, if you’re a steak and potatoes type of person, Hampton Beach has that too. Salads, pizzas, and subs are waiting to be made just for you. Pack them into the cooler and head to the beach for a relaxing day or take them back to your room and veg-out.

The primary thing about Hampton Beach is that great food is never more than a few feet away, making it virtually impossible to be hungry for more than a few minutes.

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