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55 Lafayette Rd, North Hampton, NH 03862, United States
55 Lafayette Road North Hampton New Hampshire 03862 US

The bicycle you buy, and especially where you buy it, has a huge impact on your safety, comfort, and how much fun you have riding!

We make bike buying easy and fun!Bicycles are fun vehicles that can travel at high speeds and withstand even demanding conditions. To do their best, they need to be constructed of high-quality materials, assembled by competent and trained bicycle mechanics, and properly adjusted to fit you right.

The bikes available from the mass merchants are less for a reason. They use cheap materials. You’ll find plastic ball bearings designed to wear out, axles to short for training wheels to be installed and even worse brakes made of stamped instead of forged metal. Why compromise on safety? Come to Gus’ and check out our selection of professionally built bicycles for your child.

By purchasing your new kids bike from Gus’ International Bicycles instead of from a mass merchant or “discount” department store you receive numerous important advantages, which we outline here.