Tow Truck Rodeo

Kick Off the Summer with this Full Weekend Event in May

This trade show, which is sponsored by the New Hampshire Towing Association (NHTA), is filled with fun for the entire family.

See Hampton Beach Tow Rodeo Photos!

The Hampton Beach Tow Rodeo is just a part of a weekend of events sponsored by the NHTA. The rodeo starts at the Hampton Beach State Park and runs north along Ocean Boulevard, returning south to the state park. The parade of trucks is impressive and seemingly endless with all sorts of tow trucks, from the newest models to vintage vehicles, from huge trucks capable of pulling the biggest tractor-trailers to customized wreckers and carriers, sharing the asphalt stage.

There are so many trucks in the event that it’s actually hard to get a tow truck in the state during the rodeo. So if you get a flat tie or blow a gasket, you’ll have to wait a little longer than usual for that truck jockey to arrive.

There are various activities for the family, along with lots of venders, great food and competitive tow truck events with numerous prizes. Rodeo events include awards for the most accomplished drivers, including the naming of the Best Driver of the Day.

This mid-May event continues to be a huge success with young and old alike.

For information on the NHTA family Tow and Trade Show, call (603) 863-4206, or visit