Catamaran Regatta

This Late-June Event Creates a Colorful Splash Along the Coast

The New England Catamaran Sailing Association (NECSA) sponsors the Hampton Beach Catamaran Regatta, which includes activities for everyone from the sailing novice to the expert.

Held on the third weekend in June, the Hampton Beach Catamaran Regatta has become one of the most popular events on the calendar. If you’re a sailor, the regatta sponsors races for everyone from champions to neophytes. The competition is intense throughout the weekend.

With the races easily viewable from the shore, you’ll want to get to the beach early and enjoy a full day of competition. Bring your camera, binoculars and cooler and watch the brilliant spectacle of brightly colored vessels and their graceful sails as they glide across the ocean. This event defines the essence of the Hampton Beach experience-entertaining, totally enjoyable and all-inclusive.

Held on the same weekend that the Sand Sculpting Competition presents its awards and in conjunction with a celebratory fireworks display, the Hampton Beach Catamaran Regatta is part of a full weekend of beach and ocean fun.