Hampton Beach Safety Tips


Make Sure that You Play it Safe When at the Beach

The ocean and beach are beautiful, but they can also be deadly. Here are a few tips that will help ensure that you have a safe and pleasant vacation.

Resting and playing on Hampton Beach is extremely rewarding. Consider these points when going to the beach.


  • Protect yourself and family from overexposure to the sun by using a high-number sunscreen.
  • Hydrate yourself and your family. On a hot summer day, it’s easy to suffer from heat stroke.
  • Use proper tools and protection when doing anything outside. Hats, sunscreen and proper sports gear, such as a bike or skateboard helmet, are all important.

The Ocean

  • Be knowledgeable about tides and phenomenon such as undertow that can quickly pull you under or out into the ocean. Rip tide can also be dangerous.
  • Be aware of ocean temperature. The Atlantic in New Hampshire can be extremely cold, causing hypothermia.
  • Make sure there’s a lifeguard.
  • Make sure companions know where you will be. Losing track of a loved one while along the beach can be nerve wracking and dangerous.

The Sand

  • Kids love to dig in the sand. But the truth is that every year some kid digging in the sand creates a hole much taller than he/she is with the sand caving in and burying him/her. Never dig a hole in the sand that is taller than you are.
  • Be aware of foreign objects in the sand that can harm you.

The Weather

  • Violent thunderstorms can pop up anytime. When you hear thunder vacate the beach immediately.
  • Be aware of the temperature. Hi temps in high humidity can dehydrate you.

Emergency Info

  • POLICE: (603) 929-4444
  • Crime Line: (603) 929-1222
  • FIRE: (603) 926-3316

Hampton Beach has one of the best beaches in New England. Enjoy it by using common sense and care. Enjoy your visit to Hampton Beach, NH.