Dog-Friendly Beaches

New Hampshire

Dog-Friendly Beaches

New Hampshire

The State of Dog-Friendly Beaches

If you want to fulfill Fido’s deepest wish to frolic on New Hampshire’s pristine sand and float upon its waves, you’ll need to arm yourself with the necessary knowledge.

First and Fido-foremost, the New Hampshire State Park System does not allow dogs on beaches that fall under their mighty scope, at any time. That means: No dogs on Hampton Beach EVER. No dogs on Wallis Sands State Beach EVER. No dogs on *Jenness Beach EVER. And no dogs on North Beach nor North Hampton State Beach EVER.

That means, the beaches in play for your pooches, are Bass Beach, Sawyer’s Beach, Seabrook Beach and Plaice Cove. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain dates and times–and leash laws–that you need to observe. Below are ordinances for the towns that govern partly-friendly dog beaches.

Town of Hampton rules (Plaice Cove):

Animals will be permitted on Town of Hampton beaches from Labor Day to Memorial Day any time, and from Memorial Day to Labor Day only after 6 p.m. and before 8 a.m.

Town of North Hampton rules:

It shall be unlawful for any dog to run at large on any bathing beach between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. from June 15 to Sept. 15 of each year.

Town of Rye rules (Bass Beach, Sawyer’s Beach):

Dogs are not permitted on Town Beaches before 7 p.m. or after 9 a.m., from the Saturday before Memorial Day to the first Saturday after Labor Day. The only exception will be the area between Wallis Sands State Park and Odiorne State Park, where dogs and people are allowed between the hours of 6 a.m. and midnight. During this part of the year: 1. All dogs shall be otherwise under the control of its owner or other custodian. 2. The owner or custodian of any dog that defecates on Town of Rye beaches shall immediately remove such defecation from public property and dispose of it on their own property or otherwise properly dispose of same.

Town of Seabrook rules (Seabrook Beach):

Dogs are allowed on the beach after 6 p.m. and before 8 a.m. from Memorial Day to Labor Day. All dogs must be on a leash and under control of their pet owner. All animal waste must be cleaned up immediately.

Jenness Beach, a personal perspective

*There is approximately a 1 1/4 stretch of beach in Rye. In the middle of that stretch along the coast is a parking lot. The State beach is actually directly in front of that parking lot and/or from house on the left to house on the right. Beaches on either side of that tiny State beach are town beaches. You could almost throw a softball from one end of the State beach to the other. Dogs are not allowed on the State beach. To get around that law (if you want to walk the entire length of the beach) just walk around the beach in the parking lot. The hours for dogs allowed on the beach Memorial Day to Labor Day are before 9 a.m. and after 7 p.m. Please read sign posted at all entrances. After and before those times anytime time of the day or night you can walk your dog. It’s a nice long walk from one end to the other. You can have your dog off leash which most are. However, you must have you dog under your control. They will hand out tickets. One man’s dog was running around having fun and ran across someone’s blanket and he was given a ticket for not having dog under control. This is unusual but be aware. During the summer if you show up 5 mins early or leave 5 mins late and they catch you, you will get a ticket. Other than that it is a great place to take your dog. It is like one giant dog park. But, please, please clean up after you dog. People think one little pile of dog poo won’t hurt. (???) I helped clean the beach one day and in just a small area we picked up 40 pounds of dog poo. When it’s washed to sea it gives parasites to the seals which kills them. There are bags available at each entrance to the beach and there are several entrances. Have fun!

Seabrook Beach, NH

Dogs are allowed on leash only in the off-season from September 15 to June 1.