Wheel Power Bicycle Shop

156 Epping Rd, Exeter, NH 03833, United States
29 Exeter Road Brentwood New Hampshire 03833 US

Originally founded in 1973 by nationally recognized cycling champion Robert McKown, Wheel Power is currently owned by Joshua DiJoseph and Darrell Bergeron. The shop continues to be staffed by knowledgeable cycling fanatics of all types.

Our Philosophy

Naturally, because we love to ride, we get excited about new products. As a result, we only sell products we believe are a good value from a rider’s perspective. If they’re not a good value, we’ll tell you they’re not, and why they’re not. We also use what we sell. We take pride in our products whether it be the newest carbon fiber frame, a hand built pair of wheels, or just a great pair of shorts. We’re the first ones to admit when a product doesn’t live up to expectations, and unlike some, we’re there to make it right. It’s no wonder that Wheel Power is widely regarded as having some of the best customer service anywhere.