Beach Bites

Add new spots to your restaurant roundup this summer

Beach Bites

Add new spots to your restaurant roundup this summer

When you come to Hampton Beach, you like your mainstays. Fry doe at Blink’s. Fisherman’s Platter at the Sea Ketch, on one of its many decks. Happy hour apps at the Boardwalk. You get the picture. But, if you’re here for more than a day, you probably want to broaden your scope. That’s what we’re here for. Here are some of the new restaurants in the Seacoast dining scene. Eat up!

Hampton area

‘Greenest’ kid on the block

When we say the “greenest” kid on the block, we’re not saying inexperienced. Although they are technically the newest addition to Hampton Beach, The Green Room, located at 142 Ashworth Ave., has staff who are pros at serving up smoothies, bowls and coffee on tap–basically all sorts of fresh eats that will leave you energized and ready to play in the surf or ride upon it. Cool point to note: The Green Room is another star in restaurateur Al Fleury’s galaxy which includes The Goat (Hampton and Portsmouth), Wally’s, and Bernie’s Beach Bar (so you’re going to like it!)

Get looped into Lupes

Lupes 55 Cantina at 275 Ocean Blvd., is one of Hampton Beach’s new hot spots, literally. It opened Cinco de Mayo of 2017, so it’s just over 1 year old. Partner David Garza will tell you that the Mexican Fish and Chips is the best items on the menu, but we think you should order the Vampire Tacos. You’ll sound cool ordering it, plus, you can ask them to tell you the story behind it. Lupes is this ownership’s second restaurant on Hampton Beach, the first being Lupes Authentic & Fresh at 107 Ocean Blvd.

The Cantina is bigger than Authentic & Fresh, and Garza says it allows them to showcase some of their drinks. You’ll find that the bartenders hand squeeze the juices for their margaritas–limes, lemons, grapefruits etc. So head to Lupes 55 Cantina for fresh food and drinks. Cheers!

Everything’s great at The Goat

If you’re looking for fish and chips, look elsewhere, but if, like many seem to be, you’re looking for something a little different, check out the Goat. One Yelp reviewer said: “Bacon bucket & goat fries are a must, they also have great specials, two for one burgers every Monday & Tuesday night, live music every Friday and Saturday night.” To get the aesthetic, simply hop onto their Instagram page. We like this hot shot of the outside. This shot of the Goat brand on a brisket bun is pretty good, too. And we’re not quite sure what this delicious mountain of yum is, but wow. The Goat is a little bit country and a little bit good for your soul.

You’ll love it at Lola’s

Lola’s Kitchen is Mediterranean food by the Atlantic, like you’ve never had it before! Hit up Lola’s for everything from heavenly hummus to baked kibbeh (that’s ground lean beef (or possibly lamb) mixed with cracked wheat and special stuffing. If you visit the Yelp page, you’ll find folks aren’t just fans of Lola’s food…they’re fans of Lola! “Lola is my favorite!!!! I live down the road and love walking by and seeing her and having her make me a fresh and amazing meal – every time!” Take a chance and enjoy. Take it from the locals, and Steve B. on Facebook: “You have to try this place. An absolute hidden gem, and so worth going south of Cinnamon Rainbows for!”

A new twist on an old favorite

If you’ve dined at Ron Jillian’s, stop by 853 Lafayette Road and try something new. This summer, Ron Jillian’s has become Revel 853. With a new menu and a new mix, Revel offers more than Ron Jillian’s traditional Italian to new American, Mediterranean and Asian dishes. Enjoy the refined casual feel of the restaurant, while sipping on the latest cocktail concoction at the bar. Or take in an artisanal pizza with the family at a nearby table. While folks are still catching on to the name change and it’s offerings, the brand is alive and well on Instagram. This veal chop looks phenomenal!


A restaurant with a view to die for

The Carriage House is in a what’s old is new again mode. In April R.J. Joyce and James Woodhouse took ownership of the venue, built in 1931. It was sold to by its owner of 35 years, Paul Mackey when he retired earlier this year. The venue has been redecorated and the menu has been pared down and in some cases spruced up. There is always at least one dish on the menu that harkens back to the traditional days of the Carriage House. Best of all, The Carriage House retains its stellar upstairs views of Jenness Beach.


Super service in new digs

12 Ocean Grill might sound like the latest George Clooney feature, but it’s actually the venue by the owners of State Street Saloon in Portsmouth. And when the popular Portsmouth watering hole (that also featured excellent $5 lobster rolls) burned down, the staff, and customers, were fortunate to find refuge at 12 Ocean Blvd., Seabrook Beach. Fast service and fun specials are always on tap at 12 Ocean Grill. And look, their lobster rolls look as good as ever and are $6.99 with chips!